Offering innovative website design solutions for several industry verticals which are essential to succeed in the “digital world”.


Pie Sigma is successfully delivering web and software solutions to clients from different range of industries. From corporate websites, content management system, e-commerce websites, database, Mobile Apps and software applications, Pie Sigma is dedicated  to provide solutions for you that are valuable in achieving your business objectives.

Our professional team member's knowledge and skills span the initial generation of ideas, insights and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation of IT-projects of focused complexity.

We provide consultancy to companies of any size and have proved so far a great source of help for them to succeed in their respective market. This has been ensured simply by understanding the objective of the client and their business and by using the 'best practice' approach through which we use the very latest technology.


Providing skills

Web Design & Development 100%


Joomla / Wordpress / Magento 100%

SEO / Advertising 100%

Adobe Suite 100%

Mobile Apps 80%



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